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Chapter 1.

Gneiss Town
Theme Music

Welcome to the Orre region! This is where you’ll be starting your journey towards the Orre League which will be filled with excitement among other things! So, what is there to do? Well, I’ll tell you. But before that, let’s have a little description so that you know fully where you are.

Do you recognize this place? It wouldn’t surprise me. You know why? That is because this used to be the so called “Pokémon HQ” once. Here, Professor Krane and his team of scientists studied the beings known as Shadow Pokémon to help further research. What is a Shadow Pokémon? Well, they are basically Pokémon that has gotten their hearts closed by science. They are stronger, more violent and very, VERY aggressive. Luckily, the crisis involving these things has long been averted. As Orre gained a better economy, more and more cities expanded as you would imagine, Gneiss Town was one of the first to do this. New houses were built on the hills and close to the forests as more and more people moved in. Eventually, the place where Shadow Pokémon were once researched and purified has now become a rural town on the countryside. Many people live simple lives here and the main line of work is agriculture. Farms are found here and there, so you should expect to see many Pokémon usually found in such environments like Tauros or Miltank. The people here are very friendly as well, so I’m sure that they don’t mind somebody popping in for a short visit!

What? You want me to shut up and get on with it? Fine, fine…

The Pokémon HQ has now been turned into “Gneiss Lab” but not much has changed. The professor this time around isn’t Krane, instead his son Richard – or Rich if you’d like to annoy him - has taken the place of the region’s professor. Richard is much like his father, at least in when it comes to looks. Both Krane and Richard share that unkempt, brown hair as well as a somewhat terrible fashion-sense. The new professor sports the exact same green sweater with a white lab-coat and beige pants as his father did. For some reason though, Richard likes to go barefoot in the most absurd places and he will most likely greet you without his shoes on. However, while Krane was passionate and interested in his work, his son is more laid back and lazy about it. Sometimes it might even seem like his father’s work bores him. Richard will give you the things necessary for your journey. You will receive the following from him:

A Starter Pokémon
Five PokéBalls
A Trainer Card
Three Potions
Three Full Heals
And because of certain circumstances, Ellsworth Jimmerson will receive a bottle of Sinnoh Syrup – the best syrup in existence!


Now for some important notes:

The P*DA:
First off, what is a P*DA? Well, it’s kinda like the Orre version of a PokéDex. Except it has much more features, like an email function and a phone function. It has three voice-modes for identifying Pokémon. These are: Morgan Freeman, GlaDOS and Red. The Red-option is also known as “Silent Mode”. Fun fact, the newest model is called “P*DA Solid” and comes in four different colors – you get to choose which one – and they are: Jet Black, Darumaka Red, Turquoise and Snake Green.


Items are quite important here as they may help you in various situations. How do you acquire more items than you’ve already got? Well there are a few ways:

By defeating Gym Leaders or Important Trainers,
By participating in various events,
And if I think that you’ve deserved it.


You must receive your Starter and items from Professor Richard.

You may not interact with other players; however you may interact with your own neatly crafted NPCs.

You can’t go to the next area yet, but you may explore Gneiss Town.

Believe it or not, there are actually some Pokémon here, and you may catch as many as you like (as long as your budget can afford it, that is).

There is no PokéMart here, so you can’t buy anything really. However, Professor Richard will gladly heal your Pokémon, should you need to.


Wild Pokémon

Level: 8
Moves: Scratch | Growl
Rarity: Common
When Gneiss Town was first founded, Meowths were a rare sight to behold. They were usually found only in the care of farmers or other Trainers. However, due to lots of breeding, this feline Pokémon can now be commonly found about everywhere.

Level: 8
Moves: Gust | Growl | Sand Attack
Rarity: Common
Pidgey is one of the migrating Bird-Pokémon who first resided in Orre and chose to stay. As you might imagine, they are very commonly seen flying around in search for food or other things. They are quite docile, but may be easily frightened at some times.

Level: 8
Moves: Gust
Rarity: Uncommon
Since the beginning of Gneiss Town’s history, farmers have usually caught Combees to help with honey-making. They are usually found buzzing around certain farms, but they may also occur in the wild. However, as most wild Combees here are without a queen, they are not as aggressive or violent as when they have a Vespiquen to protect.

Level: 11
Moves: Scratch | Growl | Assist | Hone Claws
Rarity: Rare
Another feline Pokémon found near the farms, however this one is more prone to steal than a Meowth. As Meowths only take shiny things, Purrloin takes about anything it can find lying about. However, they are pretty clever, so if you fail to capture one, you will probably only be able to find two more.

Level: 11
Moves: Tackle | Tail Whip | Growl | Work Up
Rarity: Rare
This cute kitty is a very shy one, thus it almost always hides from humans, you’d be lucky to find more than two of them in a row. But they usually seem to have a strong like for milk, and can thus mostly be found around Miltanks, IF, you are lucky enough to find one.

Level: 13
Moves: Pluck | Growl | Twister | Sand Attack
Rarity: Very Rare
Do not be fooled by the docile nature of its pre-evolution, Pidgeottos here are very, VERY aggressive. Usually being flock-leaders, they tend to be very protective of certain areas, and if you walk into them – accidentally or intentionally – this particular Normal/Flying-type will not hesitate to come at you with everything it’s got. If you fail to capture the first one you find, don’t count on finding any more of them.
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