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Damian arrived in Gneiss at exactly four o' clock on a sunny monday morning. "I love Mondays." He breathed in the fresh air and observed the country side. Most of what he noticed was farmers hard at work in their fields, many herds of Tauros wandering about the wilderness, Milktank herds grazing in pastures, and a large laboratory on the side of a hill. He began to walk towards it. He knew that if he were to get a pokemon, that would be the place to do so.

The walk wasn't that long, but it felt like an eternity. Damian pushed the laboratory door open and approached a man with poor fashion sense and no shoes. "Excuse me sir, do you know where you can find a Profesor Richard?"

This made the man laugh. "You've already found him. I'm Professor Richard. I'm in charge of the Gneiss laboratory. Who might you be?"

"I'm Damian Lewis. I'm from Lavaridge in Hoenn. Can't say I've seen very many places like this. Anyways, I've heard that you might give pokemon to trustworthy citizens of the world?" With that, he winked at the man hoping that it would soften him up although he knew it wouldn't work.

"Why yes I am." The professor winked back. "Would you be a trustworthy citizen of the world?"

"I would hope so. My father would be upset with me if I wasn't." He leaned in and winked yet again.

"Well, I have something for you Mr. Lewis." He disappeared around a corner, but came running back a second later. He handed Damian a Trainer Card, three potions, and three full heals. He stuffed his backpack with the pokeballs and medicine. "We have P*DA's, and there are four colors: Jet black, Darumaka red, Turquoise, and Snake green."

The words Darumaka and red made Damian cringe, as he was deathly afraid of fire and everything that was associated with it. "I'll take turquoise." He was handed the turquoise P*DA, which he stuffed in his pocket.

Richard smiled. "We have five starter pokemon as of now: Oddish, Slugma, (Damian cringed again) Tynamo, Drifloon, and Caravahana. We had a Drowzee, but a girl took him this morning."

The biggest grin spread across Damian's face when he heard the name Caravahana. "I'll take a Caravahana! I'll swim it, feed it, hug it, and love it forever!" He said like a small child wanting a puppy.

The grown man was amused by the teenager's child-like behavior. "Caravahana it is." He handed him a pokeball. "Go to the river before you release it however. That Caravahana knows the moves Bite, Leer, and Flame Charge." Damian fainted on the spot when he heard his brand new friend knew a FIRE type move.

About ten minutes later, he woke up and thanked the professor for the stuff, completely ignoring the fact that he had been unconcious on the floor. He went to the river as instructed and released his new Caravahana. "You're gonna need a about Boris?" He couldn't think of a good name, but the Caravahana seemed to like it. "Welcome to the team Boris!"
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