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The September Monthly Quest!!

Happy September! This is the month whose birthstone is Sapphire, which just so happens to be one of the GenIII games!

Unfortunately, many of our Sapphires have perilously fallen to the dreaded internal battery death, limiting our ability to hunt. Luckily, sapphire is also a color! :cer_laugh:

You have three options for this quest:
  1. Capture/hatch/receive two shinies on Sapphire Version
  2. Capture/hatch/receive two blue shinies
  3. Capture/hatch/receive one shiny on Sapphire and one blue shiny

If you manage to find a blue shiny in Sapphire, !!! You will automatically win the Monthly Quest and will be hailed as Supreme Overlord of All Shinies!!!

The shinies must be obtained by yourself in an Advanced generation game (or newer), and no chaining or hacking is allowed. The contest lasts until midnight EDT on October 3rd, 2012.

Good luck and have fun!


12507 Johto starters.
3589 Golett.

Originally Posted by Miracle View Post
I'd really like to join the Shiny Hunters Club. :-)
Welcome to the Shiny Hunters Club, Miracle! Good luck on Moltres and Virizion!

Originally Posted by GolurkIsDaBomb View Post
I have a new shiny!

Originally Posted by Arceus Whisper View Post
Ahem... Ladies and Gentlemen.. I present onto you...
Awesome! Way to go getting a shiny on a funny number, "lol!"

Originally Posted by TheShinyEevee View Post
I also bear some intresting news:


(By the way, I started shiny hunting on the 23rd of August 2011, but I missed my "birthday". Lol. Happy late birthday to me! (?)


EDIT: 11111 Treecko SRs lol! Gotta love funny numbers!
Congrats! 54 is sort of a funny number...5 comes after 4...ha...ha...

Happy late birthday!

"lol" 11111 is one of my favorites. The whole 11x11 series is really cool because you can get the strings of 11211, 11311, 11411... It's palindromic!

Originally Posted by Lorenzo The Comic View Post
Last night I was grinding my Lax Luxio so I could evolve it, and for some reason my favorite Pokémon decided to shine. It's Modest, coupled with Pokérus.
Congrats? I'm going to guess that your favorite Pokemon is not Garchomp, "lol." That leaves 648 possibilities... :D

Originally Posted by Latios Master View Post
This week's random hunt is... Eevee!
Sweet! This is the second time in three weeks that the random hunt is something I'm going for anyways. Maybe the shiny gods actually want me to get a shiny for once! :cer_disbelief:

EDIT: Chr. Draco has suggested that Sapphire-exclusive Pokemon should also count for the monthly quest, in addition to the already-eligible Pokemon. I think that's a really good idea, but since it wasn't in the initial quest details, it wouldn't really be fair to change it without asking everyone first. I've added a poll to the thread, so you can now vote on whether you want Sapphire-exclusive Pokemon to count for the quest. The poll will stay up until the end of the month.

If "Yes" receives more votes, the following Pokemon will also count for the monthly quest:

Path of the Ghost: 12/18
Path of the Starter: 10/18

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