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Quote originally posted by Requility:
Yeah agreeing with previous poster about the constant weather. If only it could detect the exact weather each day but no 3DS is capable of that yet. ;(

As for my own thoughts? Seasons were an awesome feature. It made Unova ever so pretty! I wish it had more of a background role though, like blowing leaves and all, other than in Route 1.

And Cyclone, I'd... just set the clock back. XD; I do love that seasons are short and therefore if you wanted to go for the waiting method then it's not that long n_n

Funny you should say that. I'm thinking of checking my Activity Log, picking a day where I didn't do much, and recording playtime in the log for that date. During such time, I get Spheal.

I'm not worried about the trade for Munchlax; I'll still be poking around on my Pokédex completion mission come October and will acquire it then.


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