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Current team:
Eevee (I'm guessing the Celadon Mall is out of the question to evolve it to something useful?)

Just got my badge from Erika, beat up Team Rocket twice, and got the pokeflute. I know that vending machines support "the man" but I need to buy a water bottle if I hope to make any progress to get to Saffron.
X FC: 4484-9012-9702

Current Challenge(s):

B.I.N.G.O - Kanto - Love @ 1st Sight - LG

Current Challenges on hold:
UMC (Fire) => Fire Red Soul Silver Emerald Platinum Black

Complete Challenges:

Event: Green, Gold, and Booze☆ - St. Patrick's Challenge Event!
Event: Challoween - Halloween Event
Lyrics Challenge (Rhianna -Sell Me Candy)
Dream Theme - Survival Of the Fittest

The Hippie Challenge - Blastoise//Sandslash//Fearow//Lapras

Future Challenge(s):
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