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Name: Amane Yamauchi (Amane is Japanese, meaning "sound of the heavens". Yamauchi is Japanese, meaning "within the mountains".)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Nationality: Refined Heaven
Role: Songstress
Inspiring Song: Amane's beautiful voice motivates her allies to fight harder and stronger, and can soothe Pokémon (making them easier to catch, easing their pains) and people (easing their pain).
Graceful Drifblim Style: A style of martial arts that focuses on fluid, elegant movements. It is swift and largely unpredictable, and seems more like a dance than anything else, but it is deadly when practiced by a master. It focuses on lots of dodging and weaving, with light but precise punches and kicks. Graceful Drifblim is great for being unpredictable, difficult for opponents to hit and block, but it is very physically demanding, and does not have efficient blocking strategies. Amane is an adept practitioner of this style.
Water Manipulation: Amane can manipulate water and ice, capable of even drawing the moisture from the air--she mostly uses it for defensive purposes, creating barriers, blocking blows, and parrying.
Weapons: Twin Sai
Pokemon: Chingling (Metal)
Appearance: Amane has long, flowing black hair that she usually keeps tied up in a ribbon. She is pale and soft, with deep, dark brown eyes. Her Chingling is usually fastened to the front of her kimono, where she aids Amane's performances. Amane is slim, but has some muscle mass from regular exercise and her practice of the Graceful Drifblim martial arts style. She has long legs and somewhat dainty, delicate hands and feet. She usually dresses in blues and whites, but is known to wear more colourful clothing when she is going to perform for a crowd of people.

Personality: Sweet and gentle, Amane would never wish harm upon anyone--however, she is perfectly willing and capable to defend the innocent, be they friend, family, or stranger. Amane loves art, and above all, music; she is a highly talented singer. Despite her kind nature, Amane gets furious, and downright violent when people behave improperly--being perverted or rude in that sense. She has taken on some traits of her late guardian--Amane likes to drink tea, to rest, and to read poetry and other literature. She still mourns for her late Grandmother figure, but her resolve has also been strengthened, and she seeks to honour her memory.
History: Amane was discovered as a baby, seemingly abandoned in the mountains. Her beautiful, mournful cries awoke "Grandmother", who took her in and raised her as if Amane was her own granddaughter. Grandmother often told her that it was as if Amane had fallen from the heavens, a gift for her family and community--she also claimed that Amane was found on the same day and time that the great Shaiming Fang was born, centuries earlier. From a very early age, it was discovered that she had natural musical talent, and she became a songstress of much renown, attracting audiences in the thousands from neighboring communities. Everybody wanted to hear her sing, and she was happy to share her talent. It had a mystical property to it; listeners would claim that they felt decades younger, and that they felt their wounds and troubles leaving them, that they believed that they could achieve anything they set their minds to. Indeed, Amane's singing voice is healing and inspiring for all who hear it. In times of conflict, she would sing for her nation's troops, leading them to victory. The soldiers felt as though they could conquer any enemy while they heard her beautiful voice. When Grandmother passed, Amane sought to do her proud by conquering the trial set out by Shaiming, so long ago.
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