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Welcome to the Pokemon Attack animation Database Project.


This project focuses on bringing move/attack animations into pokemon essentials / b/w kit/ ds (A mix of everything).

This "addon" is composed of animations I made myself using Pokemon Essentials- a Modifyed B/W edition.

These animations provided do not all follow official pokemon games. There are alot that are different.

These animations are in no way "perfect" they serve more as a base.
If used please give credit to me & everyone in the Credits section. -Thank you
Note* the animations are made by me but the graphics were provided by some one else- see credits.


This is a work in progress and it takes quite a while to test and correct errors.
Namely changing moves into tm's and teaching them to mew.

I only have your own pokemon attack animations at the moment. Opponent attacks will be added after I finish alot of the own pokemon ones.

List of Moves:

Aerial Ace
Close Combat
Dragon Claw
Energy Ball
Burn Animation
Ancient Power
Hammer Arm
Rock Tomb
Fire Blast - [May Re-do]
Scary Face

In progress:
Mean Look
Double Kick
Psycho Cut
Mud Bomb
Shadow Claw

Not even started:
A heck of a lot.


Need 15 posts. I will post them as soon as I hit 15 :D


None yet.

Poccil \ Flameguru - Pokemon Essentials
Venom12 - [ I think his Pokemon Essentials Ds was used as the "Base" of the kit alongside the works of poccil & Flameguru]
RESHIRAM123 & Whomever he credited- B/W Kit
Gamefreak and Nintendo-Pokemon Sprites, names, etc.
Pkmn.Master & Whomever he credited for the rips - Graphics re size/ rips
P-Sign - Ultimate B/W kit

Im pretty sure im missing people so just add a nice comment.
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