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Originally Posted by Joshawott View Post
Though I most certainly haven't seen all of them, my favourite would have to be the one in which Ash's Charizard takes on Blaine's Magmar. That's probably one of the most epic battles in the anime, and being that Charizard is one of the most epic Pokémon certainly contributes to that. It's also the turning point in Charizard's respect toward Ash.
My favorite episode was also the one where Ash faces off against Blaine in Cinnabar Island. Pikachu can't defeat Magmar, but Ash finally learns to work together with his Charizard to come out on top. The part where Charizard spun Magmar and they showed an image of him circling the Earth in the background, for the seismic toss attack, was extremely exciting to me when I was a kid. Still brings back great memories.

I can't forget; I was also very choked up by the episode where Ash released his Pidgeot, moreso than with Butterfree, because Pidgeot was with him much longer and was one of his most powerful Pokemon. Can anyone fill me in on if he ever went back for him? He said he would, or so I remember. I tried to keep up with the newer episodes maybe 5-6 years ago but I couldn't get into it. I'm still concerned for the fate of the old characters/Pokemon though, lol.
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