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1. Some people in the fan base take Pokemon -way- too seriously and forget where the fun originally came from Pokemon. I've had people rage quit just because I used an NU Pokemon to beat their Uber...
Wasn't Pokemon originally about stuffing your -favorite- pets (Regardless of "weak" or "strong") into balls and making them fight each other for money?
2. Genwunners - both Gen 1 obsessed and Gen 5 haters
I admit that I didn't like Gen 5 a lot, but to absolutely hate ALL of the Pokemon is ridiculous. Another thing that I think is ridiculous are those Gen 1 purists who cling on to their nostalgia instead of looking forward.
3. Again, people who take this too seriously
I admit that I like competitive battling, and no offense to those who also like it, but I don't stick to tiers. If I wanna use a Pikachu while about to battle someone with "Uber" Pokemon, then I will. The truly skilled trainers are the ones who can win with their favorite Pokemon, and not give a florp about what they are about to fight.
I don't see many of those overly tier-obsessed people (Luckily) here, but I've seen em. Mostly on /vp/.
4. People who try to argue which Pokemon "looks better".
Seriously, that is the most absolutely stupid thing to argue about. We have different eyes, and different perceptions of "cute" and "cool", what's so hard to understand?
Another thing that pisses me off about the fanbase it's those who automatically label you as some idiotic snot-nosed brat just for liking a certain Pokemon.
The reasons that I mentioned above could apply for that too.
It's like there's no such thing as "opinions".

Sorry if I rustled any jimmies / offended someone

But those are just my opinions.

I'm no moderator, but please, be respectful to each other's opinions and try not to turn this thread into an argument...
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