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OOC: I hope you don't mind the fact that I used the narrative style of Homestuck...
I can change it if you want me too...
Also, this is by far the longest post I've wrote yet o.o

The Fantastic Adventures of Ellsworth

You find yourself in a hillside town by the name of Gneiss. Your business here is quite simple, you're heading towards the lab in order to get a Pokemon. Yet the location of this building is something that remains unknown to you. Not that you care, though, as you're currently busy dancing like a high school girl while yelling, I mean, singing.

"Don't you wanna, say you wanna dance, don't you wanna dance?" You sing with joy before ending with another verse, "With somebody to love me!"

The reason for which you're singing a song by Whitney Houston is unbeknownst to you. Who's Whitney Houston, anyway? Does she even exist in the world of Pokemon? It is as unknown as why you're not feeling embarrassed of your silly dance...

You decide to snap out of that, there is no point in dancing like a dumb all day long. You decided to explore the town, in hopes that the lab will show itself while you're at it. Yet there doesn't seem to be somewhere around. There's nothing you can see other than farms, some houses and... Meowth.

You just wander and wander, with no results at all... or so it seems. After a while, you spot a huge, white building, you begin thinking that it must be the lab. What else could it be, anyways? A place where Pokemon have the door to their hearts closed? Yeah, right...

You decide to enter, yet not in the conventional way, but in a rather, awkward way, which, according to you, is the most awesome one...

"Wassup, Prof.?" You yell as you push the doors of the lab, startling all the aides inside.

After your supposedly glorious entrance, you decide to pay some more attention to your surroundings... There's a huge mess inside the lab, maybe Consuela the cleaning lady had been sick for a year? Among all the garbage there are some tomes of the famous magazines named How to be a Pokemon Professor Without Losing Your Soul in The Process... Being a Professor is sure a damn hard thing...

Among all the startled aids and broken stuff dropped by them, there's a guy that stands out among the guys in lab coat. You ask yourself if his outfit was chosen by a blind guy, as there's just no way one would wear a green sweater with a lab coat on on purpose, oh well, you guess you just can't help having such a keen eye for fashion... You then examine his shoes... Or you would have, if he was actually wearing some, why is he barefoot. Is he sleeping over a pile of newspapers?! This guy is a shame to Pokemon Professors from all around!

"Get up, moron!" You decide to yell to the Professor, startling the aides even more. The Professor wakes up, scared, and stares at you. After letting go a big yawn, he gets up and walks towards you.

"Oh, sorry, I... My name is Richard." He said at last, with a seemingly tired look on his face.

"Rich, huh?" You reply in a joking tone.

"No, Richard..."






A long conversation starts, to which you don't pay much attention, mainly because it was mostly the Professor talking, and talking, and talking. You ask yourself how can you not be asleep yet.

"So... Do I get a free Pokemon or not?" You say at last, desperate.

"Oh, my apologies, I didn't realize how much of your time I was taking!"

Yet again, another conversation, you begin to wonder if this punishment is ever going to end... Oh, look, he has already finished! How fortunate! Now he's telling you to choose a Pokemon as he shows you a small container with several capsules in it. How in the world are you supposed to know which Pokeball contains which Pokemon?! You're not a Psychic or anything like that!

"I... Guess I'll take this one..." You say as you randomly grab a Pokeball.

"That's a clever choice!" The Professor says.

"Sure..." You say, extending the sound of the 'u', as you're still not sure of how the Professor can now which Pokemon is inside.

You throw the Pokeball into the air, where it unleashes a beam of red energy before falling in front of you. The beam takes the form of... well... you're not sure of what exactly the beam is taking form of... The light dissipates, and a red Pokemon that looks like lava appears.

"What the crap is that thing?" You say, trying to assimilate the fact that a volcanic plaster is standing in front of you, slowly burning the floor.

"Lovely, isn't it?"

"Adorable..." you say, sarcastically.

"Take this with you too!" He says while handing you a bunch of things at once that eventually fall of your hands.

"There are a couple of useful things there," he says as you pick up all the stuff and place it inside your bag, ignoring what the Professor is saying about Trainer Cards, Full Heals, Potions, and Pokeballs, when suddenly a robotic voice startles you.

"Welcome to the Aperture Science Pokemon Digital Assistant, if you successfully use me to verify the information of a wild Pokemon, there'll be cake..."

"That's... your P★DA... Sorry, it's kinda mischievous..." the Professor says.

As you take your P★DA up, you can't stop it from showing the info for the little splatter on the floor.

Slugma, the Lava Pokemon. Its body is made of magma. If it doesn't keep moving, its body will cool and harden.

The robotic voice made you shiver, how can you have a nice journey with a Pokedex-like gadget that speaks like GLaDOS... Who's GLaDOS? You're sure that you haven't heard that name, or word, ever before, yet you still seem to know it... How creepy.

"Also, a little Pidgey told me you would like this..." He says as he takes out a huge bottle of syrup.

"Holy Arceus!" You yell while you quickly take the syrup out of the Professor's hands. You seem to just love syrup, you're not sure of why, but your father always told you it had to do with your childhood... Well, seems like you don't know much about yourself...

"Thanks Professor, goodbye Professor!" You tell him while you exit the lab, after sealing your little splatter in its capsule, of course.

"Poor kid," the Professor says, "If only he knew the cake is a lie..."
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