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Name Koga
Age 16
Gender M
Description A guy with black and white hair and demonic red eyes that he hides with his black sunglasses. Koga is known for being a small fry because he is only 5'3 but once he takes off his glasses you'll want to immediately bow down to his eye level. Being on the skinny side, Koga is always wearing an extra black shirt under his uniform to stay warm. When he prepares to battle he will put on one white fingerless glove on his right hand. "I'll grasp a great taste of this battle with this glove so pure" are his words of choice when he puts on his battle glove.
Personality Koga is a very distant teenager who does not like being around people, but does love Pokemon battling and contest. He has a serious attitude which usually prevents him from cracking even the smallest smile. Never wanting to do anything half-heartedly, Koga is always ready to keep going till the end. Koga rarely gets mad but when he does he reveals his red demonic eyes and a terribly demonic aura that scares all engulfed inside it. Being the loner type Koga is always short on friends.
Team Aqua
Pokemon Oshawott
From Littleroot Town
History Koga grew up with two parents that loved him regardless of his red demonic eyes. They were always quite cheerful and engulfed their son with love. Unable to understand why they would love such a freak of a son, Koga started to distance himself from both his parents and other people that saw him as a freak with his eyes. he never really enjoyed being around Pokemon, but with his mother being a coordinator he soon learned to love the coordinating and battles with Pokemon. Koga also has a taste of Pokemon Connoisseur "tasting time" through watching his father's battles and career. Because of this Koga has been torn between what career with Pokemon to take. By the time Koga received his letter from the academy he decided to combine both parts of his parent's style to become a Coordinating Pokemon Connoisseur.
Other Hates showing his eyes because of hidden fear of rejection from his peers thus he is always wearing his black glasses

Starter Post The sun was rising in Koga's room and its light was slowly creeping onto Koga's face. Not wanting to face the morning just yet, Koga tries to use the covers as a shield from the sun's light. Just as Koga can stop feeling the shine from the sun, his shield is ripped away from him by his mother. Koga's mother is smiling down at him with a smile that is much bigger than usual. "Koga, sweetie, look what you got in the mail! It's a letter that wants you to go to this academy to become a member of the prestigious team steam. So now is the time to get up and start packing and preparing for our trip to the port" Koga stares at his mother and grabs the covers from her. "It's too bright in the day for me to go out and be productive. I'll leave when it isn't so bright out." Koga places the covers over his head again. Koga's mother smiles at her again then release her Poliwrath from a Pokeball. "Sorry, my sweet son, but you seem to have thought that was a suggestion, but it was actually an order!" Koga looks at the demonic aura surrounding his mother and her Poliwrath as he is lifted out of the bed with a Seismic Toss. Koga falls to the floor. Koga looks up and sees that his father's Politoed was dragging him out of the house. "Come my boy, a new adventure awaits you and yet you just lay around" Koga does not attempt to struggle as he is dressed and washed by his parents' signature Pokemon. Once Koga is dressed, he and his family head out to the port to board the ship. Koga receives the letter from his mother and walks on to the boat. However, before he boards the boat, he looks back at his parents. "I'm going to become a son you can be proud of...I'm going to be the greatest member of team steam to repay you for all the love you have given a demon like me!" Koga's parents rush up the ship's board and slap their son. "You were never a demon son to us. You were and always will be our most precious gift of a son!" Koga's parents push their son along with his suitcase and other luggage onto the ship. As the boat departs, both Koga and his parents wave goodbye to each other with tears in their eyes.
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