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Quote originally posted by alienhunterx:
I say leave those Shinxes adn as for that Block of ship remove adn replace it with something else... I say make a path (a bridge or something on that)..
Well... I wouldn't want to do something that dramatical =D
It's not like making a bridge would be harder, in fact it would be easier, but since Wes wanted ship, I'm gonna leave it at that =D

Quote originally posted by JackHack96:
Now I can play platinum also on my mobile =)
It's not exactly Platinum :D New LP has its own story .D

Quote originally posted by pabioxxx:
In my opinion some of the sprites are to big, in comparision witch backsprite, i mean that fully evolved pkmns, sometimes look smaller than opponent (like purogly for example), mabe its not a bug but it looks weird. Well there is text bug in pokecenter when i'm going to heal my party and I think that it sholuld be repaired...
I think Wesley used the only DP/BW sprites available at that time.

Quote originally posted by digimonqueen:
Help please! I'm RIGHT at the entrance to Esmerald City, but Red and Ash or whoever won't say ANYTHING, and I can't enter the city! did I miss something here??? PLEASE, PLEASE help me!
You are supposed to step between them and script should activate.
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