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Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
I say leave those Shinxes adn as for that Block of ship remove adn replace it with something else... I say make a path (a bridge or something on that)..
Well... I wouldn't want to do something that dramatical =D
It's not like making a bridge would be harder, in fact it would be easier, but since Wes wanted ship, I'm gonna leave it at that =D

Originally Posted by JackHack96 View Post
Now I can play platinum also on my mobile =)
It's not exactly Platinum :D New LP has its own story .D

Originally Posted by pabioxxx View Post
In my opinion some of the sprites are to big, in comparision witch backsprite, i mean that fully evolved pkmns, sometimes look smaller than opponent (like purogly for example), mabe its not a bug but it looks weird. Well there is text bug in pokecenter when i'm going to heal my party and I think that it sholuld be repaired...
I think Wesley used the only DP/BW sprites available at that time.

Originally Posted by digimonqueen View Post
Help please! I'm RIGHT at the entrance to Esmerald City, but Red and Ash or whoever won't say ANYTHING, and I can't enter the city! did I miss something here??? PLEASE, PLEASE help me!
You are supposed to step between them and script should activate.
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