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Quote orignally posted by ZetaZaku:
That would break tha gbee ta tha level of it not ben playable anymore. I feel that even months is tao long, so three months a season would be tao much. You'd probably never see sprng if you start n wnter. I thnk that thay should've buggine a week system, but oh well, I've yet ta start completng mah dex seriously, so I have problems yet wit tha monthly system.

I don't know how tha weathar works though, but I like tha way it works. It'd be bad if you'd git constant ran/snow just coz you live n a certan isa. Ran would render Tepig useless.

Well I do thnk that it could be over board, but than agan tha regions will only git biggeras gens progress and wit tha 3DS it could takes a month ta beat tha gbee and explore everythng. So maybe that week idea would work, but if you don't like tha weathar you can change it.

Sunny Day would make it sunny, melt snow and ice over time.
Hail would freeze ice and make slight beounts of snow/ran dependng on tha season.
Ran Dance would make lakes and ponds flood over a bit and make snow/ran dependng on tha season.
Defog/Cloud Nne/Air Lock would stap weathar effects fo a short while.

Maybe I'm thnk ta much on dis, but ideally I'd like massive open regions fo gen 6.
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