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Vincent Rugulo

This is me trying to pull off a Burn Notice type narrative after watching a few episodes and becoming hooked.

The first thing that happens when you wake up from a brutal beating from someone who betrayed you usually varies from person to person. Some cry, some are scared, and others get angry. Me on the other hand, I walked. Well limped really. Ok, it was more like a desperate crawl. A desperate crawl that landed me in what I could remember was Gneiss Town. Former Shadow Pokemon lab, went clean to the average person. Anyone who's actually spent some time there knows such a pristine surface has specks at the bottom. Dirty specks. Dirty specks that paid plenty of insurance money to guys like me.

Now when Rocket executive enters a town he or she is somewhat familiar with, its best to look for signs, people, landmarks, to help them figure out how much influence they still have. More of the same since the last visit means that you might as well skip town. New buildings, parks, and a shinier pokemon lab means that there are plenty of people who should be reminded that friendship is a two way street. A few more seconds of crawling and lo and behold, an innocent bystander (only innocent thanks to me lending the best lawyer Goldenrod Law School ever spewed out to him) lifted me up and directed me to the pokemon lab. Time for a long overdue insurance fee.

Nobody ever likes to pay what they owe these days, so sometimes a Rocket needs to have a green thumb for the art of taking what was promised. "Vincent? I heard you were dead." The professor wasn't Krane, the fact that he wasn't crapping his pants at the sight of me was enough to let me figure that out. Yet they looked alike, Nah, no one would want to bump uglies with Krane. "Since you know who I am, and why I'm in Orre, I'm assuming you knew Krane. Me and him were good friends, he said he had something for me in case I ever needed it." Well, that's how it was nicely put anyways.

The Krane look alike just layed back, bare feet rested on the desk. "You could say I knew him, however, why exactly should I give someone of your..... profession, a pokemon?" The last professor who asked that didn't get blackmailed per say. But Oak didn't want word of his deeds with the Kanto Champion's mother known to the public. Guess I will have to offer my hand, it was a two way street after all. "Well someone of my profession could do you a favor, as a friend of course, just name it." The professor smiled at this. "Very well, there is a mysterious group of people doing random acts of violence across Orre, an orginization like yours, except not nearly as organized, and much more vicious. Find them, and kill them if nessecary, I cannot have another Cipher running around making Shadow Pokemon." We shook hands, and a bond of friendship was formed.

"Here is your pokemon, a Tynamo, knows Leech Seed too, how strange for him. Will it have a name?" I knew one, an old friend from America, where pokemon are more scarce than the old Orre. We had dinner, with some of the finest olive oil I ever tasted. Wonder how business is going since his dad and brothers died. "Micheal." The professor smiled, seemingly approving of the choice. "I trust you are familiar with the P*DA and how it works? Oh and here are the rest of your supplies. Message me when you have information. See you later friend, and goodness get some new clothes, you look like Muk feces." He's gonna pay for that one later.

The journey of 1000 miles often begins with the first step. The journey of an entire region with only a Tynamo and a countries worth of friends? Well, it might take more than 1000 steps.

My name is Vincent Rugulo, I used to be a Rocket Executive.
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