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Alex Rouse
Arriving in Oreburgh

"...It's the place all pokespirits come from. Haven't you gotten yours yet??" the girl replied, Lucy was her name if he remembered right. Alex didn't answer and just kept up with the group, he quickened his pace as they grew closer to Oreburgh, it was his home after all and he didn't want anyone poking around in it even if it was just a group of kids. Once inside the small city the group stopped and looked all around, but the scene was all too familiar with Alex, even a bit comforting. Suddenly, the smaller girl jumped down from Lucy's arms and proceeded to run around with newfound energy. She ran over to a book and flipped through the pages, Alex wasn't even sure if she was reading anything she was going so fast, but something must have scared her because she shrieked and threw the book at Lucy's feet. "Hey-careful, that isn't yours. We probably shouldn't be here. No one is here and that house you are looking for is most likely deserted and destroyed. We should leave."

Lucy seemed to ignore him, just as she had on the way here, and walked over to the entrance of the mine. This was too much, the city was his and he didn't want to share it, but the mine was even more of a home than the run down town was. Alex stiffened and walked straight for Lucy, whether to push her aside or yell at her to stop he wasn't sure, but it didn't matter. The sound of a hard crunch caught his attention just behind him and he could see Amethyst scaling the side of building. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING. GET DOWN, NOW." She was halfway up the wall and she just looked down and waved. Alex couldn't take it anymore. "Let me handle this one is listening so it's time to, unf, make them." Alex muttered in frustration as he slowly gave in and let Jaqen have more control. Four small bat wings broke through his back and small fangs now replaced his own teeth. Alex was set to swoop up and knock the girl right off the side of the building, probably carry her off into the forest somewhere and leave her to suffer alone before returning to deal with the others. But before he had the chance another boy appeared, or was rapidly sprinting towards them. "Lucy-kins, Amy-kins, so nice to see you again!" Names, familiarity, none of it mattered right now, and Alex's temper and blood were both boiling over. Instead of the girl, he focused his rage on the almost charging target who found the whole thing somewhat amusing. Alex clenched his teeth and flew headlong into the boys path using his speed and acrobatics to hit hard and fast. Given the speed with which they were both traveling the impact proved it would be great, should the two collide.
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