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I knew the Shoal Cave was there on my first playthrough, cause I went in. And I got the guide book later on when I was in the 8th gym, I think, so I saw the Regi stuff and Sky Pillar. I do think that the Regis are a great legendary trio though because they're actually hard to find, and then unlocking them can be a pain. I think it's the way legendaries should be instead of just thrown out to you. Even roamers are somewhat better than those sort of legendaries, but I digress. That's what I liked about Hoenn. It had a lot to explore, especially in Emerald. Tons of fun. Can't say I enjoy exploring in games as much as I used to though, haha. But when you're a kid, it's great to discover new places, especially when the internet isn't always available. Didn't have my own laptop when I was 10/11 ya know.

Now, if you wanna bring up places people might not know about RSE, Mirage Island man. I've still never been there lmao. If you didn't have a book or didn't look up stuff online, you probably would have never known. Until you read this post... As for things that you may not know about...well, just this year I learned that in double battles in Emerald (idk about RS), if you press start in the battle, you can change your HP bar to display numbers, like 109/109 for HP instead of just the bar without numbers showing. Pretty cool.

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