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Jerome realized he was spotted when the boy looked at him. Well he was used to hiding in a city and its been a while so his skills were likely very rusty. On top of that, he was wearing a blue jacket that didn’t exactly help him blend into the surrounding environment. In conclusion he should have gone for the direct approach from the get go, but the less direct approach was more appealing at the time. Doesn’t matter now since he was spotted, it was now time to make sure the scum pays and the stolen goods are returned. Standing up to his full six foot height Jerome started walking toward the boy. At first he was silent as he just glared at the boy with an icy glare that showed how little compassion Jerome had for criminals. After walking several steps in silence, Jerome finally spoke in a cold hostile voice, “I saw what you did… you can drop the politeness. I hate leeches like you. Can’t do an honest day’s work so you steal what other’s work, and by the looks of it causing pain to others is likely just a little game to you.”

Jerome looked over the boy attire and scoffed, “You’re worse than I thought… by the looks of it you don’t even need to steal, you could have likely bought everything you ran off with.” Cracking his knuckles to imply his intentions Jerome added, “You have two options at this point… first option: you take back all the stolen goods back to the shop then turn yourself in to the police. The second option is that I drag you back to the shop and return your stolen goods then the police can pick you up from the hospital afterwards.” Despite not having a single Pokemon to fight with, Jerome didn’t look one bit worried or uncertain that he could deliver on his threat. In fact, Jerome seemed to be completely dismissing Forrest’s Pokemon by not even acknowledging their presence.

OOC Awesome thank you... after this encounter with Forrest and getting the Torchic I'll go on with the normal adventure stuff OOC
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