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So, Becky began on her quest to find her next Pokemon. The Zigzagoons were cute but didn't interest her. Poochyenas were cool, but she didn't have a strong desire to catch one. She didn't have the patience to search for a Ralts, and she already had Water and Bug Types covered. That, of course, left only one option on this route: a Slakoth.

Finding one wouldn't be the issue, as they were abundant in number, but there was always the issue of Truant. Was it worth getting one if they spent half of the time slacking off? Once it's a Vigoroth that's one thing, but can she stand waiting until then? In the end, she decided that she'll use one as experience for Duster, and if inspiration struck, she would go ahead and catch it.

Duster was all for that idea. Really, anything involving him fighting was ideal, as he was more than eager to evolve. Being a cocoon was really cramping his style. When he was summoned for battle, he couldn't get out of his Poke Ball soon enough. Right in front of him, laid a Slakoth. It barely looked awake. Quite a pathetic sight, really.

"This'll be a piece of cake." Becky boasted. "Use Poison Sting." Duster did so eagerly, firing the poisonous needles at the Slakoth, who didn't even try to dodge the attack. However, it didn't seem affected at all by the attack. In fact, it just yawned it off, as it was bored at even the prospect of battling. How lame. A Pokemon with that kind of attitude would... never... i..t....

Before he knew it, Duster had drifted off into sleep. Turns out it wasn't just an ordinary yawn, but the attack Yawn. Becky sighed in annoyance. "Now I have to wait until he wakes up. I should have picked up some Awakenings." Fortunately, the Slakoth didn't seem to be taking advantage of the situation. It was just loafing around.

That luck didn't last long. Duster was still asleep when Slakoth finally decided to make the first strike. Slowly, but surely, it slashed at the sleeping Duster with a powerful Scratch. If there was anything impressive about this Pokemon, it's attacks had a powerful punch. The Cascoon immediately awoke from the impact of the attack. Fortunately, Duster had pretty decent defenses, but those wouldn't last him long if he kept getting hit.

"We can't let that keep happening, now can we? A Harden or two will show it who's boss." Duster agreed, and began to harden his outer shell. Slakoth just seemed to stare blankly at him. Was it even thinking of something in that brain, or was it just pure nothingness? Eventually, it began to stir. What attack would it use now?

Slakoth raised its arms high above it's head and began... clapping. Was that really it? That's how it chose to spend it's time? Some useless gesture? "Alright, now for some action." Becky grinned. "Poison Sting once more!" Duster agreed and began preparing the next attack. But, wait, what's this? He couldn't use Poison Sting. He couldn't even use Tackle if he wanted to. In fact, the only thing he could do was Harden.

On one hand, it wasn't too bad, since Slakoth only has physical attack moves naturally. On the other hand, if that was all he could do, there was no way he could weaken the Slakoth. It could still damage him, albeit not very much, eventually it would wear him down. Ooh, he had to hand it to the guy, or girl, he couldn't quite tell, they were a lot more clever than they let on before. Either that, or just lucky.

"Encore? So much for action. This one sure knows how to drag it on. Guess we'll just have to wait it out." And wait they did. As Duster was stuck in a loop of Hardening, the Slakoth was slowly, but surely, slashing away at his health. Becky was starting to wonder if the battle was worth it, but Duster didn't seem to think so. He was determined to beat this Pokemon, no matter how long it took. No one bests him.

After what felt like hours, it was only about five minutes, Duster finally was able to use Poison Sting again, and use it he did. He withered away at it's health just like it had done to him. Surprisingly enough, the Slakoth still didn't look much different than the start of the fight. It was hard to tell when to throw the Poke Ball. Yes, she had decided to catch it. It was too much time spent just for experience fodder.

Eventually, there was a visible change. It began shutting it's eyes and drifted off into sleep. Becky prayed that it was a sign, and not the Slakoth using Rest, because that would literally be the worst thing ever. She chucked the Poke Ball at the sleeping Pokemon, and crossed her fingers. The last thing she wanted was to waste any more time fighting this one.

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