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Originally Posted by AmethystRain View Post
...that page must have changed a lot between when I saw it and you saw it. I swear I'm not crazy QQ.

And yes, for the love of god use the code. What-you-see-is-what-you-get never actually gets you what you see. >>

Okay, so now we need our resources. Are there any objections to going along with pkmn.master's stuff? Personally, it seems a waste to me to not using something we already have a strong start of support for.
I dunno. I apologize in advance if it was my fault. Anyways...

No, by all means. We need to get our hands on as many attack tile sets and sound files as we can get.

Here is another thread that we may get attack animation resources from:

From what I've read, this thread belonged to a group that worked on attack animations much as we do. They finished the attack animations for the moves Pkmn.master gave us the tile-sets for, and still had some attacks that were in progress, such as:

Mean Look
Double Kick
Psycho Cut
Mud Bomb
Shadow Claw

Pkmn.master, since you worked with them, do you know whether or not we could get any resources or hands from them?

One last point. I like the idea of using the Youtube video with the audio for all attacks. Does anyone know how what file size,format, etc the sound files need to be? Because I got a good sound editing program on my mac. Anyone else got anything useful?
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