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Originally Posted by krazzikk View Post
One problem I have noticed is that the community isn't exactly the warmest, and welcoming group of people and people who aren't "the regulars" seem to be ignored. I'm not here to troll around and say everyone is horrible (in other words be rude) but I think it would be beneficial if the community tried to be more welcoming and warm. If the community isn't welcoming and pleasing to be around then the majority of people aren't going to stay. And I think all sections , and even IRC channels should take a look at their community and be responsible and try to fix these problems. And trust me, I'm new to PC, I'm even newer to CBC and I have seen multiple cases of this. Is it because you guys think my questions/comments aren't important enough? Please don't take this the wrong way!
requility is right....this seems like a post you would see about a year ago, I'm kind of curious as to what people in specific arent welcoming, since its only nica wolf alexial and a few others and theyre all welcoming. good luck getting integrated into the community, though.

Also battling buddies center 4 new name