Thread: [Gen V] [RMT] Rain Dancing is fun!
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Hey there! :>

I can't do a full rate cause I'm busy, but before any pokemon rating can happen, I need to mention something real quick.

Almost all of your pokemon sit in different tiers (Bronzong is UU, Kabutops is RU, Ludicolo NU, Slowbro UU, Volcarona OU, Chimecho NU). Right now, because of Volcarona, you'll be playing in the standard tier, OU. Unfortunately, since none of your other pokemon are viable in OU, they kinda don't stand a chance in battle. Ideally, your team would all be in the same tier. If you'd like a list of all the tiers and their corresponding pokemon, check this out.

Since you're new to competitive battling, I'd usually suggest just sacking Volcarona and going for a lower tier rain team, but it's really up to you and however you want to play. Also, let us know if you'd like any competitive battling guides. There are some great resources in the CBC!
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