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Quote originally posted by Ash493:

NEVER remove wild Pokémon data... this is what happens... if you don't want Pokémon to appear, just set the frequency to 0% but NEVER remove it...

@Ksiazek Bartlomiej: Jambo's working on patch. So far it's not possible throughout normal meanings.
Quote originally posted by SpadeEdge16:
Yeah, trust me, won't happen again. The only thing I'm worried about, is that a similar thing happened to me before, where I deleted a map connection (which I also won't do again), and it started messing with other maps, completely distorting maps and tilesets. To fix the wild pkmn data problem, I just re-inserted the same map into the bank, and that one works fine. So, as long as I leave the other one that messed up alone, everything else should continue to work fine, right?
Actually, by definition in the ROM, it isn't possible to set the frequency to 0. It automatically raises it to a base value if you set it to 0.
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