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had some time in between my courses so update time i guess

- started in cherrygrove, rested in the pokecentre
- as i left the old man came racing back to me and gave me another present, a townmap app for my pokegear
- i really have no idea how i can repay this mans kindness, now i can run around without getting lost
- just outside of cherrygrove i saw a house, i barged in thinking it was mr.pokemons house, only to find it was
owned by an apricorn loving man who seemed to be down about the constant flow of people confusing him for
- i felt bad for him so i lied and said that i'd actually came to see him, instead of Mr.pokemon, this seemed to make him happy and he gave me an Apricorn box as thanks
-as i continued on my way to see Mr.pokemon i came across two young trainers having an intense battle. This battle was so intense that they were blocking the road and i couldnt get
- i didnt want to disturb them however, since fighting was a good way of communicating, i noticed another path on the right, it was larger and looked wilder than the path the
trainers were blocking, i went that way because i decided Mr.pokemon lived in that direction, and i have a lucky habit of always being right.
- i found Mr.pokemons house and noticed that somehwere along the way, Zero had lvled up so i gave him a highfive and went inside
- upon entering, a man who wore a hat indoors ran over to me and starting talking excitedly, mentioning something about an email from Elm. I assumed this man was the person i was
looking for. He gave me a 'mystery egg' but i had an uncanny feeling that this egg contained a very feminin looking togepi, so i decided Elm could keep this egg.
- Mr.pokemon then let Zero rest up before we returned to Elm, before i could leave the quiet observer from the other side of the room introduced himself to me as Professor Oak
- he spoke about a load of things that didnt really interest me, however, when he expected Zero and acted impressed/shocked (i couldnt tell which) i started to pay attention
- Professor Oak handed me a pokedex with a subtle wish that i'd complete it for him, then he took off. i decided it was time i should be leaving too, even Zero looked like he wanted to return to
the lab
- just as i stepped outside i recieved a panicked phonecall from Elm, which worried me, he asked me to return right away. Thinking the worst, i charged off in the direction of home, i needed to
protect Elm and the town!
- just as i was leaving Cherrygrove, a rude boy around my age with flaming red hair approached me. He claimed that i was a wimp and that Zero was far too good for me ( as if the pokemon
were my girlfriend or something) then challenegd me to a battle to show that he was superior to me.
- he had a chikorita, which didnt really worry me because my Zero was stronger, after a few attacks his chikorita fainted and Zero reached lvl 10
- after losing to me, the boy claimed he was going become the greatest pokemon trainer in the world before running off.
- as he left i noticed he'd dropped his trainer card, as i was picking it up the boy came racing back and snatched it off of me.
- Remembering that i had been summoned by Elm, i continued on my journey back to New Bark Town
- as i entered the lab, a policeman approached me and began questioning me about a missing pokemon. Somehow he had jumped to the conclusion that i was the culprit and was
about to arrest me when Lyra came charging in proclaiming my innocence (wow that policemen really wasnt very well trained)
- She gave the policeman information about a suspicious red haired boy, who sounded alot like the rude kid i had battled. I tried to recall the name i had seen on his trainer card..R...Renji!
yes, his name was Renji. I decided it would be best to inform the rubbish policeman about this before he tried to arrest any other innocents
- armed with this information, the officer left, closely followed by Lyra. With the incident quickly forgotten, i handed the pokemon egg to Elm, he didn't seem very impressed by it, but
decided to keep it all the same. He then suggested that i take the pokemon gym challenge. I toyed with this idea for a while then decided it would be a good way to test the limits of my
strength. It would probably be a brilliant way of gaining money to repay mum with too, two birds with one stone.
- i told mom about this idea and she seemed to like it, as she encouraged me an suggested that she would keep hold of half of the money i earned from battles, something that i really couldnt
complain or argue about. With everything settled, i headed back in the direction of Cherrygrove, where Lyra took the liberty of showing me a way to catch pokemon.
- Ran around for ages encountering a hoarde of female hoothoot before i finally found a male
- named it Yoru
- trained Yoru while searching for a male spinarak
- Yoru accidently killed the first one we found with a critical hit, which was a shame but proves it's worthy of being on my manly team
- finally caught a spinarak and named it Gale
- trained Gale a little bit, my team was started to look like one >D
- had to go to work so saved and turned off

Zero the gentle Totodile ( lvl 11)
No item
Scratch,Rage,Leer,Water Gun

Yoru the Brave Hoothoot ( lvl 6)
No item

Gale the Docile Spinarak ( lvl 3)
No item
Poison Sting, String Shot
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