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Quote originally posted by pinta77:
Looking good. This looks pretty unique. I'm going to download it and hope it works on my iphone. (believe it or not, some hacks dont work in my iphone >.<) ill let you know what i think =)
Download?.. Sad to say, but I have pulled off all the previous releases due to some major changes.
Be sure to try the Beta when I release it!

Quote originally posted by gam3r!:
That's weird.... there isn't a single hack that hasn't worked in my android phone :O
Also this hack seems to be great ! nice tiles , though i am a bit reluctant about the nights that you can use in's weird .The story seems to be a bit extraordinary but good ! Αlso do you have more. fakemon like that kanta thing ( hope not ) ?Good luck :D
Thank you. I hope I can change your mind about the Knight Suits.

Well, about the fakemons.. I think there'll be a few more.. Just a few.

Quote originally posted by PokemonMasters:
The replenish points seem like a good idea, but what if your training a certain Pokemon and their HP go lower? I think the Pokemon Center is better..
Don't worry, I won't completely eradicate all the Pokemon Centers in the game. Most of them were just destroyed because of some unfortunate events.

Quote originally posted by gragj:
If you put on the music, will you actually hear them singing? I got attracted to this because i thought it was the scandal that made harukaze.
You'll hear them, alright.
Yes, we're on the same page. They are the band who sang the 15th Opening of Bleach; Harukaze.

Quote originally posted by qaz015393:
love the update. Very unique way to heal your pokemon.
Well, I'm a Final Fantasy fanboy.

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