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Which generation do think have best fire type pokemons?

This is a tough choice. Both Generation I and Generation II have great and awesome Fire-Types. However, there can only be one best. Both, have extremely cool Fire-Types such as Charizard and Typhlosion. But in the end, I'll have to go with Generation II. Generation II was my choice because Typhlosion just beats Charizard in awesomeness by a tiny margin, and other Pokemon such as Ho-Oh is just plain win. However, in Generation I, they had great Fire-Type Pokemon such as Charizard, Arcanine and even Flareon (It can be very good if you know how to use it). In fact, every Generation had at least one good Fire-Type, and therefore that's what made Fire-Types tie in for the Best Type in my opinion. Fire-Types have the potential to faint just about anything, Because of it's ability to cause 5x damage, are super effective against many Types, and because they are great Moveset Special Sweepers. Also, there aren't just Sweepers alone, there are some certain Fire-Type Pokemon that has gone on to serve themselves a wall, such as Magcargo or Torkoal. Then, you have the all-around/balanced Fire-Types, which each serve both purposes, and can sometimes (Not always) prove very useful in a battle. Whereas, with (Great) great Fire-Types such as Ho-Oh, it is a good Attacker and Defender both at the same time, proving it a formidable legendary which can be very fun to battle against. Sinnoh may have only introduced just a few Fire-Type Pokemon, however they are very good despite me, personally, dislike them a tad. But still, every Fire-Type has a certain potential or power that makes them useful or awesome, which is what made Fire-Types even cooler. Which goes to show - All Fire-Type Pokemon can make a great representation for a Pokemon. Which also means, all Fire-Types catch someone's liking. But anyway, that topic has made me come up with another one, hopefully it would be widely talked about and would be one of the best topics we ever had.

New Topic: Name your favourite Fire-Types of each Generation.