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Originally Posted by bwburke94 View Post
Let's have a competition where you have to find a bad Pokémon fanfic on the Internet, and post a link to it. The person that links to the worst fic wins. No linking to your own fic. (We'd need judges, of course. I'd recommend disqualifying mature content and human/Pokémon pairings, because otherwise people would all link to Rectified Anonymity or something similar.)
Why bad fanfics though. I suppose that'd cut them down to be a lot shorter than most good fanfics you'd be able to find, however I just don't see much in an event like that. Another thing you'd have to take note to is that there's a chance that the writers of the fanfics that'd be found in an event like this could be a member on this forum, and I'm pretty certain no one would be happy to find their work in a competition like that.