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Rookie Trainer

Name| Riku Kimura
Age| Sixteen
Gender| Male
Pokedex Color| White

Description| Standing at six feet flat and weighing in at some one hundred and fifty pounds with the physique of an experienced athlete, not to mention the nonchalant expression forever plastered on his face, appearance alone can tell that Riku is not a boy to be messed with. His olive skin is stretched across lean muscles. His hazel eyes glitter with clarity and keenness, assessing and examining the world leisurely, not usually focusing on a single aspect of his surroundings. His dark brown, almost black, hair is kept jagged into a fo-hawk with no real effort to keep it neat underneath his cap.

Usually, Riku's entire person is swathed in clothing appropriate to the weather. Given Kanto's current mild climate his signature outfit consists of a sleeveless Levis denim vest over a white graphic tee, a hand with only its thumb and pinky fingers up made up of the word "aloha" over and over in red. Held up by a light grey canvas webbed belt are his black semi-skinny jeans. He wears a pair of white Jordan 3 retro sneakers - kept in perfect condition - loosely tied, trimmed in blue with red shoelace holes and a red brand marking on the tongue. A white watch circles Riku's left wrist, a black wooden bead chain hangs from his neck holding a Pokeball pendant. A wooden bead bracelet wraps around his right wrist: cream colored beads that hold a white Moomoo Milk charm. A camouflage money pouch is secured to his belt with a short silver chain, often clanking against his left thigh. Mid-sized diamond studded earrings, brilliantly shining whenever he wears them.

>Riku Kimura<

Personality| Though Riku suffered a bad childhood and had to endure many obstacles in life he certainly did not turn down the path of 'loving himself, accepting life and growing for the better'. In other words, he strayed far from the role of the fairy tale Gary Stu. Riku, given his early education to be a gentleman, now gives off a sense of polite boredom. Not very interested in the affairs of others, in fact choosing to avoid people altogether. He has come to discover that trusting someone is far too dangerous. While most think it's more morally correct to assume someone is good at first impression, Riku does the exact opposite. Everyone he first meets―or even those he's only heard about―are automatically put under 'deceiver'. Anyone could be a liar, a cheater, a heartbreaker.. And he isn't willing to take the time or risk to figure out which they are.

He is known to make witty comments, and is quick to have his walls up and ready for combat. Love has not been a big thing for him since he was always on the move, and for good reason, too. He isn't exactly lucky in that department. Riku has no friends besides pokemon, and he is quite content that way. He believes he doesn't need friendships with humans, and this has worked well for him so far. However, when it comes to other people, he can be a little hostile, rude, or completely ice cold with them. Nevertheless, deep down, beyond all of these quirks and conflicting ideas, lies a young man who only ever wanted a casual life. He's come to accept that that cannot happen now, and it is an endless, poignant feeling in his heart. All he has in this world are his memories of those happy days he spent with his family playing with Pokemon. And that, he believes, is all he will ever need. Life has been a struggle for him, and the only way he's ever known how to live is through survival. Luxury is taken too lightly by people. Not enough people know the value of hard work and the struggle to stay alive for the next sunrise. But Riku knows this, and no matter how difficult things get, he will always put on a tough, "I don't give a f*ck" attitude.

History| Riku was born into a world that many children experienced, but few dared to acknowledge. He grew up in a very old, poor neighborhood in Viridian. He lived with both his mother and his father for only a short while. A car accident took his mother from him when he was only six, and stricken with grief his father attempted suicide. After that failed, he left Riku in the care of his grandfather. His memories of his mother are vague, if not almost extinct, those of his father he rather forget. He lived with his grandfather, but he was usually looked after by a variety of baby sitters since the elderly man would spend his days in the laboratory of the Pallet Academy on the other side of the fields.

Riku was one of the only child not from an insanely wealthy background at the school he attended. It was otherwise full of wealthy, snotty and spoiled children who would constantly tease him. He was bullied all throughout elementary and middle school, mostly by the richer kids he was forced to grow up with in school. They'd tease him about his dad leaving him, or the way he always dressed in "rags" as they called it. He never let it phase him, even putting some of the bullies in their place - through big words of course. It only grew worse up until the point he was sent home early when the rich kids tossed old, rotten cafeteria food on him, and was confronted by the a mysterious gang dressed in military clothes and mugged. They left him with two broken ribs and a concussion, all for five dollars. He was alone. Slowly but surely, he began to put up a tough guy act for protection.

That was when his grandfather finally took his nose out from his research and took notice of what was going on. Now attending Pallet Academy after a rigorous entrance exam when he was fourteen, Riku enjoys his comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. He has no quarrels with any other students at the academy, even joining the basketball team and various academic clubs. Still spending most of his spare time in his dorm studying alone, he takes solace in knowing the girl's dorm is in direct view of his window..

Theme| Call Me Later...

Example Roleplay|

(Cue Pocket||MONSTERS Opening Theme Alones)

Pocket||MONSTERS: Destiny Rises
Episode Zero: The Few, the Proud.

Pallet Town/South-Western Kanto
Monday, 11:00 AM

"Come on! Just protect the flag a bit longer!"

A young boy cried out enthusiastically into his head set, using a black controller to guide his heroic soldier. On the television screen in front of him, an assault rifle was wielded by the hands of a soldier evading bullets being shot at him by an opposing squad of terrorists. He was just five points away from victory, about to secure the final objective to save Saffron from foreign terrorists. Unfortunately, he slipped up. A stray grenade exploded at the soldier's. The screen lost color and the match's statistics were displayed, he had lost.


The boy dressed in a white tank top reading PALLET BASKETBALL in bold black letters cried in frustration, hands falling to the sides of his black basketball shorts and letting the remote clatter to the floor. He sighed, "What a bother!"The boy was Riku Kimura, local know-it-all of the Pallet Pokemon Academy. He was sixteen years old, with dark hair pointed in to a fo hawk. Most girls and boys his age would be out enjoying their last week of summer vacation, but he wasn't interested. Rather, he focused solely in going over the Trainer Aptitude test he had taken months ago. While they did not release the actual test, Riku reviewed the questions he managed to memorize.


Riku's phone sounded off, but chose to ignore it. Shortly after his defeat, the television showed a lobby screen which displayed the time remaining for the next match to begin. 2 minutes. Rather than continuing though, the boy checked the ihome clock on his dresser and swore under his breath. It had been an entire twenty minutes since the last time he checked the official League Association website.

He hurriedly unlocked his phone and tapped the League Association App on his screen to bring up the website and up to the minute updates on everything regarding the League. Before he knew it, an update was posted by the League President and it was a shocker. The results of the Trainer Aptitude test for each academy in the region was posted. Quickly scanning the standings for the scores, his eyes widened when he reached Kanto and saw his name in bold and over sized along with two other names. Next to his name was his student ID picture, and disregarding the fact one of his ugliest pictures ever taken was on display he was all smiles.

"Yeaaahhhh baby!! Woooo!" He was no longer in his dorm at the academy since it was summer vacation, so he was free to cheer as loud as he wanted to. He quickly logged into the website on his main desktop and reached the same page, only this had more details since it wasn't the mobile site. The live stream of the League Association News Network was being played, and five portraits were displayed behind the news anchors. The five top students in the region who were chosen to represent the academy in this years League Challenge.

"The Association's website and new broadcast completely covers every week of the League Challenge, so if the parents of these young rookies ever get worried..they can check up right here. Let's get in-depth about these upcoming League hopefuls, and we'll start with one Riku Kimura..."

The news anchors were talking about him, he couldn't believe this was all happening. He sat down and took a picture of his desktop monitor, including the live stream of the news. "Yeah, this is goin' on instasnap." Riku smirked until a burning sensation shot up his right arm, he dropped his phone onto the carpeted floor of his room as he froze up. Images of dark stone walls began flashing through his vision, strange markings on these walls lit up and begin jumping out at him, rearranging themselves into words it seemed. Still having some control of his body, Riku struggled to get up and stumbled over to bed, knocking over his computer chair in the process.

Grabbing a pen and a random scrap of paper he quickly scribbled down what little of the markings he could until the visions disappeared altogether. He took in a deep breathe, the first one in a few minutes it seemed. Rubbing his eyes, he took a good look at the scrap of paper he scribbled on. He had seen these markings, in his studies somewhere. Should he show them to his grandfather? No, no these would stay with him. Until he found out more about this.

For now, all he could think about was the relief his body felt now that all the stress of the summer was over. He had made the cut in one month he would begin the Challenge. One month?! He had to prepare, to study, to pack!

Starter Choice

Pokemon: Charmander
Nickname: Charco
Gender: Male

Personality: Charco's the kind of Pokemon that follows his own tempo. He doesn't really conform to the beliefs of others and kind of does his own thing. This is not to say that he's rebellious, not at all, it just means he's a crazy eccentric little lizard that embarrasses Riku on more than one occasion. He's a 'mad-scientist' kind of eccentric and enjoys examining new things, running around to make someone uncomfortable, and even steal woman's grooming supplies (he's taken quite a liking to hairbrushes in particular). The two have a very close bond, brotherly bond that would be hard to break.

Unique Traits: Charco wears a white bandanna that is wrapped around his tail, needless to say it was given to him by Riku. It stays around his tail until he grows out of it, at which point Riku plans to wrap it around his arm.
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