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Lauren Linda Noir
Mercury City

After several minutes of frantically walking the streets of Mercury City, Lauren reached a huge building that stood out from the rest of the buildings in that city. And what was it that drew the honey-haired girl's attention? Three letters, three huge letters that formed a word that was above the door.


She smirked. She had finally found the place she was looking for, and sighed in relief. The search for that building seemed like forever to her! Having regained her good mood and energy, she walked inside the building. There were two pillars with Pokéball statues on top, and it had some plaques that had something engraved on them.


That was definitely the place. She was ready, her Pokémon were ready, and her first Gym battle was about to begi-now hold on a minute. As she stepped into the room with the battlefield, which was rocky as one would expect in a Rock-type Gym, she saw two people battling. She figured that one of them was the Gym Leader, but when she paid more attention to the other guy, the challenger...

Her smirk turned upside down. Not only she looked sad, she also looked horribly annoyed, and wanted to throw something at that kid. How the hell did he get there so fast? And before her! She huffed and took a seat on one of the benches outside the battlefield, glaring at the boy who was challenging Hermes at the moment.
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