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So even with an Action Trigger, it runs when the map is entered? That's not how events usually work in RM, so I'm a little confused.

Ame hurt herself in her confusion!

Okay, so one quick test later, I guess having that third page on Parallel IS causing the crash. But when I set it to action button, it doesn't trigger by itself. I have to go and 'talk' to the event, which no actual player can do.

The basic goal here is to create an event that, once a week, randomizes the overworld weather patterns for that week. Essentially all it does is define a set of variables. The weather itself is set by a common event called by other things (such as teleport events when exiting interiors). So the function of the delay event is pretty straight forward. I had to set it in the map rather than the ideal common event though, so I just chose a location that players should pass through often.
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