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I've always personally loved female in everything, Cynthia would easily win my vote here. But that's besides the point

Genders aside, I would set them both equally. One being, Lance is the badass type of persona with Dragons. What is so much cooler than that, as a kid's idol?? Cynthia is like the Princess of Champions. Multi-type party, which is actually challenging. Not to mention when you go to face her in the Sinnoh region, she was the toughest challenge out of all the champions I've faced. Not only that, but the most entertaining! She was so fun. Need more like her. Lance was just utterly awesome, its just hard to dislike the guy. He is the perfect face of what a Champion should be, as a Dragon king. Really neither are boring, they were both far from it. The only boring one I'd have to say are the 2 Champions of Hoenn & Unova to be honest. They all never really appeal to me so the two Champions in this thread was a win/win situation for me

All in all, both are great champions. If I had to choose which to be my partner permanently for life, it'd be Cynthia simply because she's a female champion! (:
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