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Originally Posted by GolurkIsDaBomb View Post
Name: GolurkIsDaBomb
Favourite Pokémon in your team(s):
Either Janice the Heracross or Wyatt the Seismitoad

I'd like to join this club! I haven't really done any battling that's not in game, but I want to! I like having a relaxed kind of battle idea, as I don't quite understand EV training/too lazy. I can battle on White and Diamond (my teams are in their 40's) and possibly on Heartgold, but I have fewer pokemon of lower levels. I'm probably willing to battle whenever I'm on! :D

Welcome! I completely agree with you about the too lazy to EV train thing, which is why this is a perfect place to organize battles - on which note, how about we have a battle some time soon? n.n It'd be useful if we're not too far apart strength wise though so I'll check the levels in my teams first. xD

How many Pokémon do you guys tend to use in a team? I love the idea of raising a team of six in the story and using them for the battles (sort of anime style :3), but it takes waaay too long to train six at once. D; I think most of my teams at the moment are 3-4 Pokémon so just a heads up for any battles!