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I actually feel a little bad for Brownbeard, they're all total free loaders.
But you wouldn't expect much better from pirates, huh? :p

Oh wow, it's neat to see the mini dragon in action.
I really hope Luffy could tame it and bring it along by the end of the arc! :D

Those poor naive marines... :/
Vergo is a pretty ruthless bastard.
He also seems to be a pretty competent deceiver.
And he has the nerve to smack down the lovely Captain Tashigi! D:<
But in comes the valiant knight Sanji to save the maiden! :p
**** yeah Sanji, beat his face into the ground!

Vergo is one of the few villains in One Piece that I truly hate.
Also on that list would be Blackbeard, Hordy Jones, and Saint Charloss.

Luffy running so fast that it set the ground on fire?! Daaaannngg! >.>
Alright, looks like were going to see a real showdown between Luffy and Caesar now!

I recently stumbled upon some animated gifs of the Arlong Park fight.
But I soon realized that the animation style was different from the original episodes.
After some quick research, I found out that there was a recent TV special of the Arlong Arc.
I'm bummed that Funimation doesn't have it on their website with the streams of the regular episodes, yet.
I hope it gets subbed/dubbed into English relatively soon.