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Quote originally posted by Truality:
Yamamoto's bankai? Barbeque and roast beef.
Quote originally posted by AshleyKetchum:
I'd like to join. Keiri Just began rewatching the series for the first time since they saved Rukia. enjoying the current arc on Toonami.
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I believe we've met before~
But yeah, as Pokestick says, be very careful of opening spoilers - we talk about the latest manga chapters every week.

I really have to say, I like the font choice that Mangastream uses for the really heavy dialogues; I imagine Yamamoto's really gruff heavy voice and it just really adds to Kubo's more... menacing drawings of the characters.

I also like how everyone across the seireitei is feeling his power. Though I wonder how Hitsugaya himself knows this exactly? I figure they would have told him, but he hasn't actually experienced it himself.

Cutting a rock and... splitting open the ground. Bloody hell.

"Anything it touches is eradicated to nothing". ****ing awesome

I like how his sword was just cleanly cut in half. Very nice.

I want to see how Juha Bach responds to this...
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