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Originally Posted by PokémonShinySilver View Post
Just remember, the NDS data is very different to that of the GBA, the palettes would have alot more slots than that of the GBA, you just have to look at it in Tinke. It will display many more colours.

But these tools for hacking the 4th generation (and maybe 5th) would indeed be very useful, I would be looking forward to seeing these tools improve.

You've done a wonderful job there, JackHack96.
Yes, I know that. In fact, DS Palette Editor was an "exercise", and it was originally designed for editing overworld palettes, but with the next release of it, I'll set up more colors. When I'll finish DS Text Editor, I'll probably return on programming an overworld editor for ds, like the one of HackMew y Xeon.
Ah, another thing, I have stopped developing DS Text Editor with VB.NET, because I can't solve some strange errors. pichu2000 helped me, but we haven't succeed. So I'm rewriting DS Text Editor with C#, which is better and because pichu2000 can help me more.
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