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I brought pics :3

This is my latest plush, my baby Madoka <3333

These are the toys that are currently on my bed. The bed-toys change every so often.

Some Pokemon toys!

Most are unnamed, but the big Pikachu is Nakkie, and the small Pikachu is Tama. The Sandile is Jackie.

Assorted non-Pokemon toys!

Here we have Stretch, Sir Maximillian the Wafer, an unnamed bird, Tiger, Harley, and my baby bunny. Stretch was given to me by one of my sisters because I kept carrying it around. Maximillian is the raccoon, he was a birthday gift from a friend. The bird and Tiger were gifts from my grandparents. Harley is the snow leopard I bought while I was in Louisiana, I named him "Harley" on the drive home because of all the Harley-Davidson signs :P Baby bunny has been around so long I don't remember not having it.

Here is Luigi, Joey, Frosty, Ixi from Neopets, Vlad, and Banjo-Kazooie. Luigi was a birthday gift from a friend, and I kinda wish I knew where she got him -_- Frosty the dragon was a random gift from my parents since I love dragons. Vlad the vampire cow came from my cousin for Halloween. Ixi I bought myself. Dad bought Banjo-Kazooie for me when I was 4 because he saw it at the store and knew I loved the game :3 Banjo's backpack needs to be sewed back on correctly since it's coming off.

Enter Leroy!