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Forrest walked quickly to the store, making sure that Jerome was behind him. When he arrived, he approached the shop keeper and made sure that Jerome was watching. "Excuse me sir, did you not find a thousand pokedollars back there?"

The man nodded. "Five pokeballs were missing. I assume somebody was in a hurry."

"Ah. Apologies. That was me. I'm going to pay again to make sure you get the hard earned money you deserve." He forked over another one thousand pokedollars. Now because of Jerome, his wallet felt a good deal lighter. He approached the boy again. "There, you heard it. Are you satisfied?" The bigger boy was starting to anger him...almost as much as that Seedot...
"Even though I am Hylia reborn, I am still my father's daughter, and your friend. I'm still your Zelda... So I'm going to ask you a favor, sleepyhead. Ever since we were kids, I'd always be the one to wake you up when you slept in. But this time, when all of this is over, will you come to wake me up?"
- Zelda
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