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Originally Posted by MegaSceptile1 View Post
This is looking like a good game
Thank you, that's really great to hear

So I've finally posted a new update. The 6th gym is done! The gym leader is based on Rob Halford, vocalist for Judas Priest. Rob trains Psychic Pokemon. I originally intended him to have more types, not just one. The reason behind this is to make his team "colorful", like a rainbow, because Rob Halford is gay... but I gave up on it, since it's tradition for gym leaders to train only one type of Pokemon. So I came up with a stupid reason to have him train Psychic Pokemon.

Anyway, here's a little spoiler about the power plant:
Once you reach the entrance to Paradise City, it's blocked by police officers. When you talk to them, they tell you that there's "something wrong" in the power plant that could endanger people, so the whole city's evacuated. Later (When you have 5 badges), the city is unblocked, and a few NPCs will tell you that the power plant workers fixed whatever was wrong. However, when you go to a power plant, you meet a guy named Tony, who tells you that something is suspicious here, and he wants to investigate it.

The power plant is really old. It was created in the year 1850 - humans didn't know a lot about electricity, but they were able to exploit the power from electric Pokemon. But now, there are machines and technology to create electricity, so there's no need for Pokemon anymore. However, when the power plant was originally built, a big part of it was dedicated for Pokemon only. That part of the power plant is there even today, and wild electric Pokemon live there.

In the power plant, you find out that the reason for evacuation was an unknown emission of radiation. The workers feared it could damage their machines and cause explosions, endangering the entire city. But the emission stopped. They said that none of their equipment caused it, so the cause must be somewhere in the Pokemon part of the power plant.

In the Pokemon part, you find some machines, despite the workers telling you there are none. It turns out that all of those machines were used for a "simple" riddle, that, when you solve it, opens up a secret passage. Of course, it might be simple today, but back in 1850, it sure was complicated and required a lot of equipment and space.

The secret passage leads to a room, with a computer in it. Tony says that the computer seems too modern to be from 1850, and that it's probably today's technology. On the computer, there's an option that says "Start emission", meaning that it was a cause of the radiation. There's also a diary-like document, from which you find out that a person with the code name "Stargazer" caused all of this. The reason is to attract wild,powerful electric Pokemon. Below that it says "Rotom has showed up". Sure enough, Rotom can be found in the power plant, but the person with the code name is nowhere to be found. All you know is that someone codenamed "Stargazer" intended to catch powerful electric Pokemon.

The riddle to open the secret passage is explained in this next spoiler. Yes, it's a spoiler within a spoiler, spoilception xD
The riddle itself is a bit complicated. You can find 8 computers (In 8 different rooms), that ask you "How much do you want to add?". All you have to do is add numbers from all the computers, until the total is the number that triggers the opening of the secret passage. That number is 1850, the year the power plant was built. Every computer gives you the option to add 50, 100, 150 or 300.

So, the maps for the power plant didn't turn out exactly as I pictured them (They suck xD ), but it's not a big problem. The big problem are sprites for Tony and Rob (In-battle and overworld sprites). The ones I have were drawn by myself, and I'm the worst artist anyone knows xD If anyone reading this is willing to make them for me, I'd be really thankful xD