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My fourth and final update has arrived.


Once my team was a high enough level and after catching my first encounter on Route 222, a Luxio named Sparks, I felt I was ready to take on Volkner. I entered the gym and blasted through the trainers. Raichu and Jolteon were no problem thanks to a certain Dusknoir named Reaper, and Luxray was taken out by Smash the Machamp. Reaper proceeded to wipe the ground with Electivire. Next up, the Pokemon league. A Tentacruel on the next route broke out of my last Ultra Ball, and I really did not feel the need to use a Master Ball on it. I arrived at Victory Road, and much to my pleasure, the first thing that greeted me was a Gabite. I captured it with an ultra ball I had brought back from Sunyshore after the Tentacruel thing.
After dominating Victory Road and grinding all my Pokemon up to level 56, I felt I was ready. Sure, my team was somewhat underleveled, and I still hadn't evolved Microsoft Porygon2 (Bulk FTW), but I thought I was ready at the time. So, I utterly destroyed Barry and entered the league.
Aaron was laughable. Vulcan the Magmortar took out everything with Flamethrower or Lava Plume except for Drapion, who I used Empoleon against. Drapion had no attacks that could damage it at the slightest, so that was nice. Next up, Bertha. Jay the Staraptor defeated Whiscash with two Returns. A single Dynamicpunch from Smash the Machamp was all that was needed to KO Golem, and Dusknoir easily took out Gliscor with Ice Punch. Microsoft then proceeded to Ice Beam Hippowdon until it fainted, and Polaris OHKO'd Rhyperior with Surf.
Flint was up next, and I was a bit anxious about this one, but I didn't know why. Machamp took down Houndoom with no problems, and Rapidash was dealt with by Polaris. Infernape was a bit of a problem facing Reaper, as it spammed Flare Blitz, but eventually I was able to Earthquake it and faint it. Magmortar *nearly* took out my entire team, bringing them down in the low health levels, but eventually I was able Earthquake it as well. After healing my team, it was time to battle Lucien. Mr. Mime tried to set up a Light Screen on me, but a Shadow Punch from Reaper brought it down. Espeon's Shadow Ball was concerning at first, but not after Shadow Punch also took it down. I used Vulcan to wipe out Bronzong and Jay Brave Birded Gallade, finishing him in one hit. Alakazam tried to get a Focus Blast on Jay, but was also taken down by a Brave Bird. I was definitely ready. My Full Restores were ready to be used up like a Hummer uses up gas. My team was anxious for a good fight. I was ready to battle Cynthia.

Spiritomb? Not a big deal at all. Empoleon resisted everything it threw at me and crushed it with Surf. Next up was Garchomp. I was seriously scared of this thing - We all are, really. Dusknoir was ready to fulfill its purpose. Ice Punch didn't do nearly as much as I wanted it to, though, and Dusknoir was low on HP, so I switched to Microsoft to sponge up a hit and heal up Dusknoir. Being death fodder, I was not able to save Microsoft, but he died for the greater good of the team. RIP, you will always be missed. Dusknoir thankfully avenged it by bringing the dragon to its knees. Lucario was up next, and Smash smashed it with a DynamicPunch. Next was Togekiss, and I sent out Dusknoir to deal with it. After a long, grueling grind that consisted of Togekiss Air Slashing, Reaper Ice Punching, Togekiss Air Slashing again, and me healing, I finally came out on top. Milotic was up next, and I was hoping to grind it slowly down with Polaris and then go in for the kill with either a quick hit from Jay, a DynamicPunch from Smash, or an Earthquake from Reaper. After healing all them up, I decided to go for Reaper. As stupid as this may seem, I accidentally sent out Smash, thinking Milotic would Mirror Coat and I'd be able to KO it. Nope. Machamp was taken down and Reaper proceeded to EQ Milotic to death. RIP Smash, we will never forget. Roserade? I was so nervous about this. Would Vulcan be able to KO it?

Vulcan OHKO'd Roserade with Flamethrower. I was victorious. But at what cost?

Final Team:

Polaris the Serious Empoleon
Level 57
-Ice Beam
-Flash Cannon
-Stealth Rock

Jay the Jolly Staraptor
Level 56
-Close Combat
-Brave Bird

Vulcan the Serious Magmortar
Level 57
-Lava Plume

Reaper the Brave Dusknoir
Level 58
-Ice Punch
-Shadow Punch

The Dead:

Jaws the Gabite, level 21. Died to an exploding Geodude. RIP.
Scorpio the Skorupi, level 35. Died to a critical hit from a Luxio. RIP.
Spirit the Froslass, level 46. Died to Cyrus's Crobat. RIP.
Microsoft the Porygon2, level 56. Died to Cynthia's Garchomp. RIP.
Smash the Machamp, level 56. Died to Cynthia's Milotic. RIP.

On to the next challenge... Continuing my FireRed run and starting a Heartgold one.

Y Team: Volcarona - Garchomp - Tyranitar - Starmie - Alakazam - Lucario