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One thing that gets me on my nerves is that some people think Pokemon is just for kids. I still play Pokemon and I'm almost 20.

Even though they try to appeal to the kid-friendly audience, older fans know the real meaning of the games like competitive battling. That's why I view Pokemon as a game for all ages.

Originally Posted by AWsquared View Post
Genwunners come to mind. I understand that people have an opinion and have favorite and least favorite gen and such, but if you're saying that gen 1 is superior and the only "real" gen, then that's silly. Although gen III is my favorite and gen IV is my least favorite, I still appreciate all 5 generations and can't wait to see what lies ahead in gen VI.
I agree with this too.

Genwunners get on my nerves a lot. It's like they cling on to nostalgia and say things like "GEN 1 IS THE BEST!" or "There will only be 151 Pokemon!"

I started with 3rd Gen and I never complained about being a late bloomer, 5th Gen is my favorite and 1st Gen is my least fave but I still appreciate all generations. Not even the 5th Gen Pokemon's designs stopped me from playing Black and White and I have to say most of the newer Pokemon are actually quite cute and some others are total badass.

Those people should look at playing the newer games cos look at all the awesome changes they're missing out on.
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