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Ragnaros 'Bloodthirster' Phylax

The Zoroark showed him the emblem of the Gold Tribe, and the thought of it being fake didn't even cross his mind. Probably because it wasn't his business.

"I am a Gold Tribe Member as well. I've been hiding here in Albia waiting to do some sabotage, but you guys got here quicker than I thought." He put the emblem away, Ragnaros raising his eyebrows in cold surprise. Gold Tribe, in Albia, of course.

"I'm Ignus, titled Prince of Light. I've been with the Tribe for a couple years, but I don't think I've ever met you," said Ignus in a strange tone. Prince of Light? This guy must be a wack-o!

Despite his thoughts, Ragnaros permitted himself a small grin, which was alot different than the one he had during the event with Genevieve and Sovereign. Sovereign. The only thing he wanted to do right now was to battle that particular Sentinel, but he was willing to sacrifice that for the greater good.

"You haven't met me," he repeated after Ignus. Then, something happened; Ragnaros looked at the sky and fixed his eyes on black flames that were shot upwards. "You know," he said, still staring at the sky where the flames had disappeared into, "why don't you come with me to the battlefield? Our friends might need help," he paused for a bit, now staring at Ignus. "Yeah, friends. The remaining Gold Tribe members who started all this."

The Salamence approached him, seemingly walking straight at him, but he bypassed him with his left wing's shadow covering him. "I'd offer you a flight, but I don't usually enjoy that. Besides, things with the sky guard could get real... bloody."

Ragnaros started pacing towards the main street, the sound of his heavy steps barely audible through the cacophony of the battle ahead. He was hoping the Zoroark would trust and follow him, but he wasn't betting on it, nor he would do anything about it. He wondered how easy burning that forest would be and if it was ever worth it.

He peeked on the main street of Albia, towards the gates; the armies of the mindless drones were trying to hold the attacking Alpha Alliance off the city, but to no avail. They were pushed backwards, their attackers entering the city. Ragnaros' eyes reflected the fight in front of him for some moments - he dove forward, right after, falling onto the Ancients from the side. He would have to fight his way out of the city; his lust for battle had come back to him like an artist's muse. Simply flying out of the city to meet his Gold Tribe allies seemed impossible for him right now.

Ragnaros' whole body was covered in his own draconic flames again, he started destroying everything he was seeing with violent and abrupt moves. Generally, the Ancients were alot shorter than him, and some of them died under the weight of his weight. Others were shot away by his hydro pump, and others were impaled by his claws, their bodies being ripped in two. He let out his rage on the mass of his opponents; making his way towards the Alpha Alliance at the same time. The times he had gotten hit by the Ancients weren't that important to him.

Ragnaros raised his tail above his head, showing the emblem of the Gold Tribe to the charging armies. He had been a great cut to the Ancient's defenses, and his allies were able to destroy them completly; he now bypassed them outside the city. In front of him, a battlefield of fallen Ancients was raging, but some were still alive. Ragnaros spotted the golden flash of a certain Pokemon and opened his wings, detecting a stream of powerful, deadly fire; he spread his wings and took flight, identifying the Sentinel known as Ignitus.

All of the Gold Tribesmen were hit by a powerful attack of flames that moment, being thrown back. Ragnaros took a deadly expression, noticing it was far stronger than a normal fire attack. Reaching the Sentinel from above, he shot a hydro pump at her and dove to the ground with his body engulfed in flames once again in a dragon's rush.