Thread: 4th Generation: Victory Road - Johto/Kanto & Sinnoh!
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Quote originally posted by Rainbow Arcanine:
Sinnoh's Victory Road was plain confusing. I wandered around for an hour fighting endless trainers and running into dead ends. Then I checked a map and it wasn't so bad xD. Johto was really easy, there were no trainers except your rival. All you have to look out for are Wild Pokemon :P.

I haven't been to Kanto's Victory Road yet, but planning to soon. So I have no idea if it's a nightmare or just simple :P.
Quote originally posted by Para-Dox:
The Johto version is easily superior as there are no trainers to fight. The Sinnoh one is a absolute pain however.
But isn't that the point of Victory Road? To test trainers and their battling abilities? Or do you think the developers went far beyond that and made the routes just way too iritating?
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