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I: Normal Form

Name: Melia Joneh

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Sin: Envy

Virtue: Temperance



Personality: Melia is a calm and collected girl...most of the time. When she sees two people madly in love, her powers activate without her knowing due to her anger of seeing love right in front of her eyes. She will only do it if they are strangers, however, and only if they are boyfriend/girlfriend. Not when they are married or engaged.

To her friends, Melia is a caring girl who will help them if they need it. To her enemies, Melia is cold and doesn't mind if something bad happens to them, though she will help them if the trouble they are in is lethal. To complete strangers, Melia is neutral, and will eventually decide if they are friend or foe. It doesn't take much to become friends with her, but same with becoming her enemy.

History: Melia was born into a rich family, but with an easily excited father and an over-protective mother. They were targeted by robbers or murderers a lot, but the guards they had hired kept them safe.

When Melia was ten, something....bad happened. While in the park, some murderers tried to kidnap Melia and kill her. Though the guards that came with them had saved her, her parents argued over who caused her to get in danger, breaking the bond between them. Eventually, they divorced, and Melia's mother went away, with a third of the money, while Melia stayed with her father. Her mother visited at times, but only to see Melia, and not her father. When they did talk, it always was fighting. Seeing love everywhere else, Melia got angry that her parents could not feel love, but others could. This caused the feeling of envy in her heart.

However, unlike her father, who lost control every time her mother was mentioned, Melia could keep her control, and wanted everyone else to as well. This gave birth to the temperance in her heart.

Powers: On her side of envy, Melia is able to erase the love between two people of the opposite gender, except herself, though...she kinda doesn' know...nevermind. It's small, and can't take ALL the love, but just enough to make them only be slightly friends. It only works 75 percent of the time, though.

For temperance, Melia can cause someone out of control to go back into control. Again, it's small, but it has a 90 percent chance of working.

II: Holy Form



Artefact: Melia's artifact is the small tiara on her head. The jewel is normally blue, but it will change color depending on the power she is using.

Levitation-Aquiring the power of wind, Melia is able to fly, not super duper high, but high enough. Her tiara's jewel becomes white when she does this, and she cannot use any other powers when flying.

Calm Waves-Harnessing the power of the ocean, Melia draws water from any nearby source(s), fills it with heavenly magic, and aims it at the enemy. During this, The jewel becomes a lighter blue.

Soothing Flora-Using the power of nature, Melia is able to grow vines and flowers to trap the opponent. The tiara gem becomes green when this is used.

Heaven's Purification-Calling the very power of heaven itself, Melia sings a beautiful song that can purify evil. The tiara's jewel becomes yellow when she uses this power.

III: Hell Form

Appearance: (no dragon thing, obviously)


Powers: Her evil power comes from the chain-if the part of the chain that is on her leg is removed, Melia will be purified. She can also normally fly-no powers are needed for that here.

Stormy Hurricane-Making a tornado and surrounding it with a black fire, Melia shoots it at the opponent.

Rough Seas-Filling the surrounding water with dark magic, Melia fires it at the enemy, which actually is painful due to the amount of magic she puts in.

Rumbling Earth-Tearing parts of rock and dirt from the ground, Melia surrounds the enemy with them.

Hell's Corruption-Calling the dark energy from hell itself, Melia fills normal people with it, making them soulless, while she feeds off of the energy from them.

Saber of Hell-Melia uses a sword called the Saber of Hell, and uses it like a regular sword, but it it unbreakable and is much more powerful than a normal blade.

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