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Quote originally posted by Cosmotone8:
This was an attempt to get me to like Pikachu, wasn't it
Quote originally posted by Cosmotone8:
Also not quite sure how Pikachu with troll face is cute in any way. xD
lmao xD xD it was funny so i posted it xD xD
Quote originally posted by ♪Twiggy♪:
I've noticed that I've taken a lot of... well, Victini love these days. Hmm... I think it's probably one of my top favourites that are super-cute as well. Tepig's also a pretty cute boy, huh? Now I've noticed it in the pictures...
if u like victini soooooo much then here is some victini for u :

Quote originally posted by lasttfarewell:

i think treecko is cute awwwww look at that face c:
oh you can find photos of them plushies >>>> here
that treecko is soo cute <3 <3 <3