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Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
So you're saying you HAVE to go in ALL those buildings.

Looks like the player will get mighty bored going from door to door like a salesman.
No... I'm saying all the buildings have a purpose. If you want to finish all aspects of the game, then yes, you have to go in most of the buildings.

You want to get the Arena beat so you can unlock things, go to the Arena. Want to buy things, you go in the stores. Want to catch pokemon, go in the harbor. Want to teach or delete moves, go in those npc's houses. You want to heal your pokemon, go in your house or the Pokemon Center. If you want to breed or daycare pokemon, you go in the daycare. You want to get the starter pokemon or the man-made ones, go in the game center and play the games. Want to get fossils turned into pokemon, go in the fossil hunter's house. Want to catch legendaries, go in the legends museum. When I get them set up, you go in the contest hall to compete in contests, the kitchen to make pokeblocks/poffins/etc. Some are placeholders and seemingly have no purpose yet because they are post-arena features and I have to figure out how I can do them that isn't too much like the original games.

If you actually read the information, I want to put all the features from the pokemon games, anime, and things I wish were in official pokemon games in this. Since I decided to center the region in one main city, everything has to be in there. I figured it would be easier than flying to one city to use the daycare, another to battle for 'badges', another to do this, for that, etc.
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