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Forrest was steaming. Jerome had approached him and accused him of a crime he never comitted. Damned jerk. He listened to the 'sermon', and accepted the money back from the clerk. "Thank you sir. I'm sorry for the inconvienience." He walked outside and saw Sasuke waiting. "Let's go get that Lotad, buddy."

They walked into the forest exactly where he was standing earlier. He saw the Lotad and silently praised Arceus. Forrest returned Sasuke and sent out Tank and Benedict. He wasn't taking chances at failing again. "GO, Tackle!" He barked the command at his pair of Pokemon. They charged the Lotad with the force of a charging elephant. The Lotad didn't know what was coming.
"I'm not gonna die. Each one of you risked your lives to come to my rescue, and that's why I can't let you throw away your lives now, not for me, not again. I got this. Don't worry about me, babies."
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