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Well, I've been busy. I went back along the bicycle path, then took down Giovanni and Sabrina easily. I flew to Pallet Town and then went to Cinnabar, destroying Blaine with Maitre D''s dig. Went back to Viridian, and got rid of Giovanni again. Raced up to the Pokemon League and swept it, it was only a little difficult. I had to restart for Gary a bit and Lance a few times, but overall it was fairly simple. Damn that Pidgeot

Maitre D' the parasect

Female ~ Gentle Nature ~ Level 86 ~ Moveset: Return, Spore, Giga Drain, Aerial Ace ~ Ability: Effect Spore
Stats: 211/218/162/129/161/117

I'm thinking I may start another on either Sapphire or Diamond... we'll see!
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