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Oh wow - I'm so chuffed people are joining. :3 Thanks guys, and welcome!

(Been having trouble posting at PC at the moment, so sorry for the delayed welcome ')

Quote originally posted by ♪Twiggy♪:
Also... y'know, the "PG" shorthand sounds weird. You know why?
As in 'Parental Guidance'?

Quote originally posted by AlexOzzyCake:

Can't wait for BW2 to come out in English, this club will be perfect for rivals to develop :D
^ This. Has. To. Be. Done. :D I do think I've done anything like that since my brother and I were playing FR/LG.

Quote originally posted by AlexOzzyCake:
How many Pokémon do you guys tend to use in a team? I love the idea of raising a team of six in the story and using them for the battles (sort of anime style :3), but it takes waaay too long to train six at once. D; I think most of my teams at the moment are 3-4 Pokémon so just a heads up for any battles!
I try to train 6 all at once and keep them at roughly equal level. It's a bit more work, but it stops me rushing through the game and doing lots of little grinds here and there means I don't have to do one big one just before the E4. o.O

If you guys need to know my team levels, they're in the sidebar on my blog where I update every so often. My Black team at the moment are all at Lv. 90 exactly, and my SoulSilver team are between Lv. 93-95, with one at Lv. 60 in training (that's my Vaporeon, Aaron :3 ).

Lookin' forward to battling you all!

EDIT: Golark, you're name is in the list but it's not showing up. PC seems to be really screwing up for me at the moment.

EDIT EDIT: The glitch on PC has now been fixed, so Golark you're now on.

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