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First of all can I just say, you are amazing with the trainer sprites. They all look really good, keep doing what you're doing.
But I do have some criticism for these two.

First of all, the arm looks a little floppy. It should be a bit straighter, less rounded. Second, the hair looks a little off. You need a bit more outline shading, especially near the face and around the eyes. Also the eyebrows aren't thick enough imo, but that's more up to you.

Okay, now for this one. The thing that looks REALLY odd for me right away is the arm holding the Pokeball. She's in a position that's practically impossible for a normal person, and it should be reversed horizontally and moved to the other side of her body. Second, it looks a bit weird having the hair in front of the clothes, I think it would look better if it were behind her. Of course, if you like it that way, that's fine too. The final thing I would like to point out is the lack of shading on the coat she's wearing. Its a solid color from what I can see, and it should have at least some shading.

I hope I wasn't too rough. Aside from those two, I LOVE everything. Like I said, keep it up and good luck on your hack!
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