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Genevieve L’esprit

It wasn’t long before she was approached by a member of the Gold Tribe. One paltry member, and an insect at that? If she didn’t know any better, she would say her threat wasn’t very well received. She was going to have to change that. Unfortunately, she didn’t know too much about this particular creature. A Scizor of course, that was plainly visible to a Zubat, but little else jumped out to her beyond his appearance. Some scars here and there, nothing remarkable, at least in her mind.

What could have held up the other Tribe members, surely they couldn’t be busy lopping the heads off of those Ancients all day? They had their own peons for that. If those worthless creatures held up the Gold Tribe, truly they wouldn’t be worth her time after all. Her body still ached from her earlier endeavor, her breaths were coming in flat and pained. The Pichu still hovered, unharmed, in the expanse between them. Maybe she should keep it? Something portable to threaten when people became a nuisance or she needed an easy out. Everyone always got caught up in a tizzy when hostages were involved, especially children. They should just really learn to just let things go.

She tried her best to control her breathing before responding, she refused to sound weak in front of anyone, even if she was. “Since you seem to love assumptions that already have fairly evident answers, I’ll try and talk nice and slow for you. To answer your questions, Correct, Correct, and Correct again. It's nice to see my reputation proceeds me, I assure you, the pleasure is all yours,” she spoke to him, her voice coming out fairly normal, if a bit flat.

Black flames erupted from the distance. Genevieve had seen a lot of things in her life, but that was not one of them. ‘What just happened?’ She thought, caught completely unaware. This was definitely not part of the plan, not hers at least. Ignitus. Something was wrong, but she had to still go according to what she had setup.

She had successfully distracted other Gold Tribe from the fight before, she had to try with this one too. “Now if I were to assume,” she spoke to him again, hoping he hadn’t noticed the flames. “You are the big bad man who’s come to stop me from hurting anyone further, right? Well, if that’s the case, it’s a good thing you have those big mitts for hands.”

Releasing her invisible grasp on the Pichu, it began to plummet to the earth, screaming in terror. Genevieve doubled over after the release, her exertion coming to a head. Hopefully the distraction had bought her a few moments for recovery, before the next unavoidable encounter.