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The arrogant she-witch! The Swift flew as fast as he could and caught the baby Pichu. Off in the distance, he could see a black flame. "By Arceus, what is that?!" He said aloud. He started to move towards it, but stopped. No. The others can handle it. He put the Pichu down a safe distance away from the Sentinel. "I'm dreadfully sorry about your father. I really am, but I can't help you right now. Stay right here, and I'll come and get you after the battle. I swear it on my honor." The Pichu nodded. It was still terrified out of its wits.

Jirmonji took off the next second and approached Ignitus. "What in the hell?" She was different...her eyes were black. "DIE SPAWN OF AURON!" He roared at her and struck her across the back. It did nothing. He realized this was a fight he could not win. He flew back to the Pichu. "We're leaving." He scooped it up and flew towards the other Gold Tribe members. Maybe Zane would know what's happening.